“Only connect the prose and the passion, and both will be exalted, and human love will be seen at its highest. Live in fragments no longer.” 
~ E.M. Forester

This is my goal as a writer: to connect prose with passion; to write stories that do not merely entertain, but that tell the Truth, bring us higher and closer to the Good, and pull together the fragments of our fractured world for the sake of Beauty.

My latest project is a Contemporary Young Adult novel: BENEATH WANDERING STARS.

Spain 014 (2)Gabriela Santiago remembers the moment her childhood changed forever: September 11, 2001. Since that day over a decade ago she’s lived on more Army bases than she cares to count, her soldier father has deployed five times, and now her nineteen-year-old brother, Lucas, is going to war too. Some people would love to spend their senior year living in Europe on the U.S. government’s dime, but not Gabi. With her boyfriend back in the States and her brother in Afghanistan, Gabi wants nothing less than to be stuck on a U.S. base in Germany. What she wants is to go home—too bad Uncle Sam is the one who gets to dictate every aspect of her life.

Gabi’s already unstable world is turned upside down when she learns that her brother has been severely wounded in action. What’s more, right before he was injured Lucas sent her a cryptic message in the form of a Homeric epic and a strange request: if anything should happen to him, Lucas wants Gabi to fulfill his dream of conquering the Camino de Santiago—the ancient route of their family namesake, which crosses northern Spain and is still walked by thousands of seekers and skeptics alike.Spain 296 (2) To honor her brother’s wish while he fights for his life, Gabi must make the journey with Cain Cohen, Lucas’s best friend, a young soldier who harbors dark secrets about what happened in Afghanistan and wrestles with these demons of war the entire way. What transpires on the road is a transformative journey filled with quirky Chaucerian characters and an unlikely romance between two people united by their loyalty to Lucas…and to Gabi’s surprise, a great deal more. Cain may be the last person Gabi would have chosen to walk to the ends of the earth with, but he may become the one person she can’t walk without.

OUT OF NOWHERE, a Contemporary/Historical Young Adult mystery.

Two girls a century apart are brought together by a mystery of family identity lost through war, where the past meets the present and the future depends on memory.


Taylor Romano has grown accustomed to being no one from nowhere thanks to her mobile upbringing, but ever since her soldier father was killed in action overseas and her mother started making accusations that he’d been unfaithful, Taylor is finding it even harder to grasp that most elusive concept: home. Yet everything changes when Taylor moves to England and is sought out by an enigmatic old woman from the nearby estate of Meadowbrook who has connections to the ill-fated Titanic…and to Taylor’s father. The old woman presents Taylor with an unusual gift—the diary of Ava Knight, a young Edwardian heiress who not only witnessed Titanics demise, but uncovered the prophetic spark that may have ignited World War I. Taylor finds herself captivated by the story of a girl searching for answers on a sinking ship and as she delves further into the mystery, Taylor realizes her and Ava’s stories are really one and the same. The more Taylor reads the more convinced she is that the Knights of Meadowbrook Manor are the key to unlocking her own past, redeeming her family, and restoring her faith in love.

8 thoughts on “Novels”

  1. Olivia Hi said:

    Ashlee- It was really great to meet you yesterday. Your book sounds awesome, and I can’t wait to pick it up at the bookstore one day. :) Best of luck! – Olivia

    • Thank you, Olivia! It was nice to meet you too! All the best on your screenwriting project(s). If you end up having an awesome website like Danielle’s, let me know so I can follow it!:)

  2. “Think moving to foreign country is hard? Try a whole different time period.”…I really like this, as I live in a foreign country and I am writing about a different time period! It is a great sentence that resonates with me. -Stephanie Renee dos Santos,

  3. Thanks, Stephanie! I find that writing about the past can also be like exploring a foreign country.

    • It is. And that I believe is why I am drawn to the genre of historical fiction, the writing and the reading– because I Iove to explore the unknown and to learn about places and their histories, just like one can on a trip to a foreign country. When I first started writing historical fiction I had no idea it would be another way to “travel”, but it is, and with just as many wonderful surprises and challenges of physical travel, strangely enough. I remember the moment I realized this, a definitive “ah-ha”.

      I am guessing you feel a similar/same way about this…

  4. Ashlee these books sound amazing :) Keep writing please.

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