In addition to writing fiction, I’m also a high school teacher and college instructor who loves speaking about a variety fun, interesting topics, so I’d love to visit your school, library, or writing eventin person or virtually by Skype!

Ashlee Cowles with BWS
Image (c) Lancia E. Smith

Possible topics include:

Writing Craft/Life:

*Wandering Writers: How to Use Travel to Write Diverse & Authentic Stories

*Every Hero is Also a Pilgrim: Using the Hero’s Journey in All Genres

*Why Imagination Will Change the World

*TIMELESS: How to Incorporate Themes that Never Go Out of Style

*I Write Therefore I Am: Philosophy 101 for Writers

*Why the Middle Ages Matter: How Medieval Culture Impacted the Fantasy Authors You Love

Military Kids

*GRIT: The Unique Strengths of Military Kids

*How Growing Up a Military BRAT Made Me a Better Writer

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*Looking for resources that will help you lead a discussion on Beneath Wandering Stars in a book club or classroom? Check out these Discussion Questions!

Upcoming Events I’m Attending

Colorado Teen Literature Conference

Saturday, April 14, 2018 at the Tivoli Student Union on the Auraria Campus in Denver, CO


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