This week has been an eventful one of new adventures — I got to participate in my first podcast interview on the show SCRIBES, which was live on the radio first! Do you like podcasts? I LOVE podcasts — I love listening to them while doing dishes, while folding laundry, while going for an afternoon jog. If you’re an aspiring writer (or an aspiring anything, really), podcasts are a wonderful way to learn more about the publishing industry and hear the perspectives of the people who work within it. I hope I added something somewhat beneficial to this conversation! 🙂 It was really wonderful talking to my editor at Merit Press, Jacquelyn Mitchard — a NYT bestselling author and a lovely person. AND, as you’ll hear in the interview, it turns out that as a young writer Jackie was mentored by the legendary Ray Bradbury–one of my all-time favorite authors (and I would argue one of the most important American writers of the last 50 years). Enjoy this interview with Authors on the Air!


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