3543Every once in a while it’s nice to escape the city. This weekend my husband and I did just that, heading to the mountains for a 12 mile bike ride at 10,600 feet around the Mineral Belt Trail in Leadville, Colorado. My YA novel OUT OF NOWHERE features an appearance by the Titanic’s “unsinkable” Molly Brown, and Leadville is the old mining town where she and her husband struck it rich! After our bike ride, we drove up Clear Creek Canyon to the see the turning aspens and the ghost town ruins of Vicksburg. We ended the nearly perfect, 75-degree day with a stop in the quaint downtown of Buena Vista for wood-fired pizza at Eddyline Brewery and a tasting at Deerhammer Distillery (which makes yummy gin that tastes like rose petals!). The only thing we didn’t do this time is stop for a dip in one of several natural hot springs in the area, which is always relaxing.  If you live in Colorado Springs or Denver, this part of the state makes for a great day or weekend getaway during the less-crowded Fall!







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