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56 Ways to Identify an American Post-Camino Peregrino in Withdrawal

colorful peregrinos

1. Goodwill will not accept your used hiking boots.

2. You carry toilet paper, extra-powered Ibuprofen, and Compeed with you at all times.

3. You wash your socks with shampoo.

4. You have a fantastic tan…but only on your left side.

5. You have seen Pablito‘s special rock.


Pablito with his special rock

6. You fear cyclists.

7. You routinely approach reception desks and ask if the hotel is “complete.”

8. You hear that Alanis Morissette song in your head when you take long walks.

9. You can say “hello” in Spanish, French, Italian, German, Portuguese, English, Dutch, Korean, and Aussie.

10. You are secretly a little bit in love with the Singing Nun of Santiago.

11. You wash your underwear with shampoo.

shell tattoo12. You either have or are contemplating a scallop-shell tattoo.

13. You’ve engaged in hour-long poncho…

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