Happy Boxing Day!!!
WP_20131226_012 WP_20131226_015 WP_20131226_15_21_45_Panorama WP_20131226_018 WP_20131226_021 WP_20131226_026 WP_20131226_027 WP_20131226_028 WP_20131226_030 WP_20131226_035 WP_20131226_036DSC_0526

Our Christmas Day walk…DSC_0527 DSC_0525 WP_20131225_005 WP_20131225_007DSC_0536 DSC_0534 DSC_0533 WP_20131225_013 WP_20131225_011 WP_20131225_014 I found Holly…and some IvyWP_20131225_010This year’s Christmas Portrait :)

WP_20131110_006More winter shots around St. Andrews
WP_20131109_016 WP_20131109_014 WP_20131109_013 WP_20131109_011 WP_20131221_010

Just a little rain!WP_20131221_015

St. Andrews Brewing Company Beer HallWP_20131217_004

Holiday beverages…WP_20131205_001 WP_20131119_003

St. Andrews Brewing Co…a nice cozy place to stay warm.WP_20131126_003 WP_20131126_002

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