October is my favorite month for many reasons (crisp fall weather, autumn colors, apple cider, and All Hallows Eve, to name a few), so it is fitting that our first visit to my favorite city would take place in October just like it did back when we were in Edinburgh in 2008. And for all you Harry Potter fans out there, Hogwarts is without a doubt located in Scotland…there are little HP “inspirations” near J.K. Rowling’s writing haunts all over Edinburgh!

*Please do not use photographs without permission….my husband gets the credit for most of these awesome shots!

WP_20131002_01620131005190840The Graveyard of Greyfriar’s Kirk

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WP_20131002_009It’s good luck for students to rub the philosopher David Hume’s big toe!


Hogwarts (seriously…the school JK Rowling could see from the coffee shop where she wrote the first HP books)IMG_1214

One of Professor McGonagall’s relatives I presume…IMG_1215

The grave of Tom Riddle 🙂IMG_1208Moving on to some brighter scenery in St. Andrews….

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